About Toe Beans - Story, Mission, Vision, and Core Values

K. Marie holding Moosie the tuxedo kitty

Hi, I'm K. Marie Alto, fur mom, wife, writer, blogger, and the co-founder and Chief Fur Children Happiness Officer at Toe Beans.


After suddenly losing our first kitty to cancer and then in 2018 losing the second one to a combination of kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes, my husband recommended channeling my grief into something positive. He suggested I create a pet blog to share the lessons learned from my 20+ years of pet parenting.

He also thought it was a great idea to create a Facebook page to reach more pet parents with my message. A month later, we had more than 1,000 followers relating to our stories and sharing their own experiences.

It was sometime after that point that we decided to use that platform to promote cat and dog adoptions and bring a little bit of happiness to other furry children. We created a biweekly pet parent giveaway; one for cat parents and another for dog parents.

Why We Founded Toe Beans

We strongly believe a life-long process of exposure to toxins significantly contributed to our furry children getting sick. With most of these toxins being absorbed via contact with food and toys. While giveaways were a small way to make a difference, we felt we needed to do more.

Toe Beans® was founded in 2018 with one mission: To improve the life of every fur child and their parents’.

Who We Are

What We Stand For

Quality is our Philosophy of Life

Our Core Values

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For every single living creature and the planet.

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Informed and knowledgeable pet parents make better decisions for their fur children, thus improving their lives.

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We develop unique, reliable, and safe pet supplies that enhance the quality of life of fur children and their parents, while helping preserve our planet.

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We love discovering new and/or improved ways to delight our customers.

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As a US company, we contribute to society by doing the right things right. We do right by your furry children, by you, by the planet, and by our country.

Exemplary Corporate Citizenship

Red Heart

Our Source of Inspiration

3/21/2001 - 5/14/2013

Bradley the Silver Tabby Cat

Our first kitty angel and the smartest kitty we ever met!

3/14/2001 - 6/4/2018

Moosie the Tuxedo Cat

Our second kitty angel; meowmy's snuggle bug.

4/11/2004 - Present

Samantha the Dilute Calico Cat

A stereotypical scaredy-cat we couldn't love more.

4/11/04 - 10/16/2020

Randa Bean the Tuxedo Cat

Our 3rd kitty angel; a sassy little girl who had lots to say.

1/14/2007 - 8/28/2010

Loki the blue great dane dog

Our horse-sized not so little nephew.