The Toe Beans Family of Brands and their Unique Promise

Rest comfortably because you know what you're buying.

At Toe Beans we don't allow any harsh chemicals in the process of making our products. We seek suppliers that are eco-conscious and put quality and safety above profit. Read on to learn more about our family of brands.

Toe Beans Brand Logo

This is our mother brand. Toe Beans® embodies our core values and brand promise to improve the life of every fur family member.

We believe that happy furry children make happy parents and vice versa. It is a virtuous cycle. Pet parent education, environmental stewardship, a little bit of humor and products that not only perform better but that are also made in a better way are at the core of Toe Beans® brand promise.

All the brands we develop are backed up by our Toe Beans® brand promise. Every brand we own has its own mission and they all exist to support the Toe Beans® promise.

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Momma Knows Best Brand Logo

You probably grew up knowing Mom always had your best interest in mind. Momma Knows Best® brand was born out of this basic concept. Only the best and safest options for our little ones.

Momma Knows Best® products embody the notion that most pet parents love their furry children as if they were actual biological children. These product lines are 100% organic and natural.

Just like any mother would only bathe her biological baby using soaps or shampoos that she feels are the best, or at least the best she can offer to her baby, Momma Knows Best® products are developed to provide pet parents with the assurance that only 100% safe ingredients were used.

The Momma Knows Best® brand promise is very simple:
We only use USDA certified organic ingredients that are both of premium quality as well as safe for both cats and dogs.

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EarthCare Brand Logo

The EarthCare® brand focuses on developing environmentally responsible products, which utilize sustainably sourced materials. Examples include using FSC certified wood, plant based (instead of harsh chemically based) rubber, and sustainably sourced cotton grown right here in the US.

We are acutely aware that the resources we use today are being borrowed from the future, and thus our current needs must be met in a sustainable way.

The EarthCare® brand embodies our commitment to doing everything within our power to minimize the waste output of our supply chains. This includes relying more and more on shorter domestic or European supply chains that have a lower carbon footprint due to lower transportation distances.

The EarthCare® brand promise is very simple:
To exceed your fur family member's present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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