Toe Beans Commitment to Sustainability

Our Sustainability Policy is an integral part of our corporate mission. Our mission is to improve the lives of every fur family member. We believe passionately in the power of love and joy animals bring. Through better products, pet parent education, advocacy, and a little bit of humor, we strive to help others navigate the challenges of pet parenting.

This is our sustainability creed. We work hard every day to:

  1. Identify sustainability issues within our products and operations and apply corrective actions.
  2. Avoid as much as possible consuming resources that cause irreversible damage to the environment.
  3. Innovate in ways to design, develop, and deliver products in a sustainable way.
  4. Continually improve our sustainability practices and the way we conduct business.
  5. Find ways to reduce our fur family member's carbon pawprint.

In our relentless pursuit to reduce every fur family member's carbon paw-print and to make a modest contribution to a healthier planet, we:

  1. Use mailers made from recycled paper.
  2. Exclude single-use plastic packaging.
  3. Use only sustainable and renewable materials for our product tags.
  4. Primarily do business with US-based suppliers (98% of our suppliers) that rely on short supply chains thus reducing our carbon footprint via shorter transportation distances.
  5. Tirelessly seek ways to stay away from global supply chains that extend to Asia.

We believe it's small actions like the above, when performed consistently over time, have a great impact. We know that what we are doing is far from being enough. That's why we continue to work hard every day.

We are always happy to hear from our customers about ways we can improve. Feel free to email us your suggestions at: