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Program Features:

  • 360 Day Cookie Duration – Yeah that’s right, this is not a typo :)
  • Free Shipping on all orders – Continental US only
  • Quality over quantity - Set yourself apart from the crowd by promoting a growing boutique selection of unique brands and products. No me-too products here.
  • We are direct manufacturers of all USDA organic products and any products with third-party certifications on
  • Ability to cross promote - Some of our products are also sold on Chewy and Amazon (learn more below). So, you can direct traffic using different affiliate links to three different sale outlets from the same post. Think of it as creating an awesome piece of content while tripling your odds of a sale!
  • Focus on USA-made, USDA certified organic, sustainable, and truly safe dog and cat products.
  • Enhanced USP product pages with enough information to write 2000-plus word blogs!
  • 5% - 15% commission. The larger the order value the more you make.
  • Affiliate marketing support team – Stay in the loop about new product launches and promotions.
  • Program managed by the best affiliate marketing platform. We have partnered with Flexoffers for the best publisher experience. If you do not have an advertiser account with flexoffers yet, you can open one here by clicking on the flexoffers links above. Do not miss the video at the bottom.

If you already have an advertiser account with flexoffers click the banner below to visit our program and apply. Please reach out to with any questions!

Toe Beans C-360 Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome to Toe Beans Pet Affiliate Program

Are you ready to promote unique USDA certified organic and planet nurturing dog and cat supplies made in the USA while monetizing the fruit of your hard work with the longest cookie duration in the pet industry?

Then, welcome to Toe Beans Cookie-360™ Pet Affiliate Marketing Program!

At Toe Beans we believe in sharing the love with our affiliate marketing partners. Do you ever wish pet affiliate marketing programs offered longer cookie durations? Say at least 90 days maybe? How about 180 days? Wouldn’t that be great? We think so.

Introducing Toe Beans C-360™ Pet Affiliate Marketing Program

Toe Beans C-360™ Pet Affiliate Marketing Program is the one affiliate marketing program that rewards your hard work for 360 days! Again, not a typo here :-).

Our affiliate marketing program has been designed with affiliate marketers in mind that are seeking to monetize their hard work for longer. It’s not rocket science; it’s just extended cookie duration.

We totally get it!

We really do. Why spend so many hours writing amazing content to promote products with 24-hour, 30-day, 60-day, or even 180-day cookies? Such cookie durations are just insulting.

With the average pet marketing affiliate program with, for example a 30-day cookie duration, for every 100 visitors you can expect 1-3 click-throughs and then you only have 30 days for that website visitor to return and make a purchase.

With Toe Beans C-360™ Pet Affiliate Marketing Program, the same 1-3 visitors will have 360 days to make a purchase! And with our re-marketing efforts your odds of making a commission are pretty good.

Why Toe Beans Pet Affiliate Marketing Program

Are you tired of creating unique long-form pieces of content that under deliver? Did you know that studies show that it takes at least 7 contacts with a brand for a customer to make a purchase?

Most pet affiliate programs that offer limited cookie durations limit your chances of earning a commission, it doesn't make sense, does it? If you work hard to drive traffic to a website, why should that website limit the time window for a payable commission? Instead, they should reward you for bringing a new prospective customer, right?

At Toe Beans, we believe it's only fair that an affiliate that works hard to bring a visitor to our online pet supplies boutique be entitled to commissions from sales generated long after the first contact with our brand.

That’s why we created the Toe Beans C-360™ Pet Affiliate Marketing Program. The one affiliate marketing program with an enhanced commission window of 360 days.

A little about Toe Beans

We are a US-based high growth, environmentally conscious brand setting new standards for the pet industry. We started Toe Beans in 2018 with one goal in mind: to improve the life of every fur family member via unique and truly safe dog and cat products.

The pet industry is filled with unscrupulous sellers that put profits before pet’s well-being while using very sophisticated and despicable methods of deception to push their products to unsuspecting consumers. To learn more about us please visit our about us page.

Natural or Organic Doesn't Mean Safe

As pet parents we paid a very high price by buying many so-called “natural” and “organic” products. Learn about our story here. Toe beans was born out of the necessity to provide unique dog and cat products that are truly natural and safe while also having a very low environmental impact.

Greenwashing is a dangerous problem in the Pet Industry

We work hard every day to improve the way we do things so that fur family members, pet parents, and the environment can benefit. We stay away from and despise deceptive sales tactics used by other companies such as greenwashing.

Greenwashing is conniving and can potentially endanger the life and integrity of furry family members. Many sellers out there irresponsibly promote dog and cat products as “organic” or “natural” but what most pet parents ignore is that these words do not directly translate to “safe for your fur baby.”

We also strive to help educate pet parents on how to make better decisions regarding the safety of their fur children. After all, they depend on their pet parents to make sound decisions for them. Our blog is filled with “how to buy...” educational pet parent guides.

How to promote our products.

We are working hard to expand accessibility of our products online. Today we offer three ways to promote our products: Amazon's Affiliate Program, Chewy’s Affiliate Program, and our own affiliate program the Toe Beans’ C-360™ Affiliate Program.

Our affiliate program works great with long-tail phrases like: “how to find the quick on a dog’s nail.” Use the approach: Question – Solution – Commission.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program:

If you're an Amazon’s affiliate, you may have realized that in the me-too product universe of Amazon, all products look the same in each category and so there is very little to write about without technically describing any product in the category. There is virtually no differentiation on Amazon other than price and reviews.

In a marketplace full of me-too products, where you can buy the cheapest “premium” products (ugh!), we have taken special care to make sure our products offer the most value and differentiation to pet parents.

Since we spend ZERO dollars on Amazon PPC our products do not have as much visibility as similar products on the platform. Our policy in this regard is very simple: we prefer to work directly with affiliate marketers such as yourself to drive targeted traffic to our listings while splitting the surplus between our customers, yourself, and us! Our pet affiliate marketing program has proven to be way more effective for us.

Look our store up as on Amazon for products you can promote both on our website and on Amazon affiliates marketing program.

Unlike almost every single seller in the pet category on Amazon, we are a US based company with full control of our own fulfilment operation. This allows us to have total control over quality and customer service. Customers can contact us via our own website and speak with a person in the US. And the best thing is all our products on Amazon ship for FREE. We are not subject to Amazons’ FREE Shipping restriction that forces buyers to either get a prime membership or buy at least $25 to qualify for free shipping.

If you're interested in promoting our products as part of your affiliate marketing strategy, we highly advise that you first educate yourself about the unmatched value proposition of each of these three products so you can write compelling articles that drive sales.

Fun videos

Value proposition Video

Educational videos:

Chewy’s Affiliate Program:

If you're a Chewy Affiliate, you may also promote some of our products there. Not all of our products sell on Chewy. Please check our catalog on Chewy by searching for “Momma Knows Best.” We are working on introducing new products so check back regularly.

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