Free Calculator: How Old is Your Dog in Human Years?

In order to fully appreciate a pup's aging process, we often crosswalk their current age into human years. While this can just be an exercise in fun, it can also provide us with some valuable perspective.

This translation can give us an idea of how age may be impacting our pup's health. Afterall, a pup that has reached their teens, doesn't have the same energy and good health as an average human teenager!

So, whether you're here for fun or to get a little insight, give our free calculator a try to see how old your pup is in human years!

dog emoji Age of Dog:

1 year(s) old!

Age in Human Years:

15 year(s) old!

Note: This scale is for a medium to large sized dog. Smaller dogs tend to live longer, so they age a bit slower. The opposite is true for giant breed pups.

Wondering why this scale starts at a year? The truth is puppies age much more quickly during their first year of life. You'll notice by the time your pup turns one, they are already around 15 human years old!