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If you're a dog and cat lover interested in building your writing portfolio you're at the right place. Given our accelerated growth in website visits per month, we are accepting blog post contributors!

Our mission at toe beans is to improve the life of every fur family member via pet parent education, better products, advocacy and a little bit of humor. Our blog is a vital pillar of our mission.

Before you read our guidelines for guest posts, please keep in mind that:

  1. We will be happy to link to authoritative pages such as: clinics and hospitals, research centers, specialized pet advocacy groups, etc.
  2. We can also provide a bio and a picture of you (the writer).
  3. You can add your social media handle to your bio.
  4. We only accept great quality content.
  5. We do not charge or pay.

Here’s what we are looking for:

We’d love to talk to you if you are a holistic vet, integrative vet, homeopath, herbalist, natural pet healthcare practitioner, dog or cat behaviorist, dog and cat health expert, alternative pet medicine expert, or simply a dog and cat lover with a passion for sharing your experience and knowledge to help educate pet parents.

Our focus is on natural and alternatives approaches to dog and cat wellness. Some of our topics of interest reside in domains such as natural nutrition, holistic healthcare, homeopathy, and herbalism amongst others.

Here are some of the types of blog formats we are mostly interested in:

  • Detailed guides. Any type of well written and well researched guide that addresses a common pet parenting issue. “How to" guides and “Beginner’s Guide to” are great options!
  • Listicles. Do you know 10 best ways to doing some dog and cat task? “10 Steps to…”, “7 Tips to …”, “5 Ways to…” these types of blog posts work great as well.
  • Expert roundup posts. These types of posts are coveted due to the subject matter expert knowledge they contain.
  • Professional pieces. If you are a dog and/or cat care professional, we want to hear from you.
  • Case studies. Do you have an inspiring dog and/or cat story?
  • Glossary posts. These types of posts help pet parents define complex dog and cat related concepts. “What is…?”
  • Checklists. Have a unique way to manage a dog or cat care activity?

You will be notified within 48 hours if your pitch has been accepted. Once accepted you will have 7 days to submit your article. All submissions are considered final drafts.

Please refrain from including any links pointing to adult, pharmaceutical, or drug related content, or to any spammy pages that use affiliate marketing as a monetization tool.

All links in your article must point to authoritative sites.

What You’ll Get

  • Build a strong reputation as a writer and subject matter expert in the dog and cat industry.
  • Share your knowledge and experience with thousands of toe beans readers.
  • As a contributor, you’ll get your own author bio on every post.
  • We will share your post with our 30K+ active US-based followers on our Facebook page. Our facebook page base is 99% US followers.
  • We will share your blog post with our email subscribers in our weekly email blast.
  • Generate a strong source of traffic to your website.
  • Rank your website with back-links from one of the fastest growing and authoritative blogs in America.

Guest Blog Requirements

  • Word count - at least 2,500 words. Sorry, no exceptions. We only post long form.
  • Make sure your article is well-formatted. Make sure to properly use headings (H1, H2, H3) to layout your content, etc.
  • Attach a minimum of two royalty free, high-res stock images with your article. We will take care of any additional images.
  • Your article must include at least 5 links pointing to reputable and authoritative sites. Authoritative sites may include pet clinics and hospitals, research centers, specialized pet advocacy groups, etc. Authoritative site pages must be free of adds or intrusive spammy pop ups.
  • Outbound links should NOT link to pages that use monetization techniques such as affiliate marketing and/or sell products that compete with toe beans. We will check every link and either not consider your submission or replace all links to help you comply with our policy.
  • Provide original content only. Your article should be unique, i.e., not published anywhere else on the web. We will check! Unfortunately, you cannot publish it elsewhere after we have published it either, not even your own website – sorry!
  • If after publishing your article we find that your article was published elsewhere we will make substantial updates to the original post to make it our own and remove any reference to you.
  • We won’t accept articles that are either written poorly or that have errors. Check your grammar and syntax before submitting. Read it over before you send it to us and make sure it’s top-quality content.


If you submit your articles to us, you acknowledge that if we publish your post, it is owned by toe beans. Thus, you are not permitted to re-publish it elsewhere, even on your own website.

We reserve the right to make edits if we need to and to decline articles without reason.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to publish all the articles we receive, just the amazing ones!

How to Pitch an Article

Fill out the form below. Questions? Email us inquiries [at]

Thank you!
The Toe Beans Team