5 Spring Activities For You and Your Dog

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5 Spring Activities For You and Your Dog

It’s spring and the temps are finally starting to warm up.

In nearby Washington, D.C. the cherry blossoms are blooming, drawing in a ton of locals and tourists.

I love that the D.C. Metro area because it’s so pet friendly. Here are a few ideas of some places to visit with your whole family including your pup!

Visit a Winery

When you think of wine country you might think of California if you’re in the U.S.

But in Virginia alone, we have over 300 wineries, hence our nickname “Napa Valley of the East Coast.”

I love the beautiful views that many of these winery’s boast. Some serve food or give you the option to pack a picnic and enjoy on the grounds.

The best part is that so many are pet friendly! Check out CorkHounds to fine a vineyard near you!

Go Hiking

Pups love a new trail to explore… the new smells… the new sounds… they can’t get enough!

There are a ton of free national and state parks throughout the U.S. that have trails with different levels of intensity.

Check out your state’s website or search your city/state at AllTrails (then narrow the results to “Dog Friendly”) to find some awesome trails you’ve never explored.

Go Sightseeing

We tend to take for granted what our local cities have to offer.

Get out and go be a tourist by your house. While I tend to avoid going into Washington, D.C. unless it’s for work, I love the National Mall area (i.e. where most of the museum and monuments are located).

While only working dogs are allowed in the museums, there are a ton of outdoor memorials that you can take the whole family to, including your beloved pup!

Take a walk around the tidal basin or visit one of the many dog parks throughout the city. Check out Pet Friendly Travel for some options near you!

Have Lunch

It’s a beautiful spring day and you know you want to spend it outside.

Take you pup for a nice long walk then head to a local eatery with an outside dining area to rest and refresh.

I love the restaurants that already have water bowls setup, but don’t forget to bring a little snack for your pup too! I love the BringFido site because you can search worldwide for dog friendly restaurants.

Visit a Farm

My niece and nephew love this place called Great Country Farms.

They have wagon rides, you can pick seasonal fruit and veggies, they have a barn yard, and tons of fun obstacles for kids.

Did I mention they also have an off leash doggy picnic area so your pup can run free and make some new friends?

This place is a lot of fun and I would highly recommend you check to see if there is something similar near your home town.

What fun excursions are you planning with your pup this spring?

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K Marie Alto
K Marie Alto

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