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Expand your pet supplies portfolio for your brick and mortar shop with exclusive brands and planet-nurturing products made in the USA.

As a pet supplies wholesale program member you will enjoy big discounts on all products in our online catalogue plus free shipping on all orders. Required minimum order quantities of $200 apply. Continental US only.

We can also ship to Canada and LATAM but shipping/customs costs are not included. Contact us for a quote.

We are EDI capable.

To learn more about us please visit our about us page. To learn more about our product selection, visit toe beans online pet supplies store here.

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Program availability: Toe Beans pet supplies retail partner network program is also available for select online re-sellers, drop-shippers or other forms of online distribution of our pet products products via drop-shipping. If you have a brick and mortar store with an online presence, we will be happy to work with you. Please provide the address of your physical store and our designated regional sales representative will contact you.

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Why Join Toe beans Retail Partner Network

We Are Intentionally NOT Amazon Sellers:

You can rest assured that any brands and products under the toe beans family of brands are unique to your store and not found on Amazon or at any competing retailers around your store.

After all, what's the point of introducing your customers to new and unique products just so that they can then order them from Amazon on subscribe and save instead of having to return to your store for more? 

One big mistake most small pet supply store owners make is to fill up their shelves with run-of-the-mill dog and cat products that are easily found on most large pet supply distributors.

The problem is that once customers realize those products can be conveniently purchased on AMZ, they stop visiting your store. Think about it why would they continue coming back when they can buy the same item with two clicks and get them delivered? 

You should instead give your customers reasons to come back by selling unique products with unique value propositions that are exclusive to your store. When it comes to your small retail store, foot traffic is key to success. Only unique products not available elsewhere will guarantee a regular and consistent inflow of patrons.

Upon request, we work with our retail partners to label our products to ensure their customers can easily identify them as "Store Exclusive Item". Learn why we are proudly not amazon sellers here.

Cost Savings:

Except for a few products in our portfolio, we are direct manufacturers of every item we sell. Instead of reaching you via wholesalers and distributors, we decided to cut the middle man.

Buying directly from the manufacturer eliminates the additional markup that distributors add to the product cost, allowing you to enjoy better profit margins while maximizing your sales per square foot.

Our program also offers quantity discount schedules that allow our retail partners to optimize their profitability based on order sizes. The more your order, the higher your profits per unit.

Competitive Pricing:

Our competitive wholesale prices will generate you more revenue per unit than alternative products while helping you maximize critical success indicators such as gross margins return on investment (GMROI), average transaction value and foot traffic.

Exclusive Products:

And we mean truly exclusive and unique. Joining our retail partner network will provide you with unique access to exclusive products not available through distributors or other sales channels.

As we are direct manufacturers and brand owners, our products are sold exclusively online on our website as well as via authorized small retailers. Learn why our products are proudly not amazon products here.

We take special care in ensuring retail partners carrying our products maintain a healthy geographic distance between themselves. This ensures a healthy selective distribution network while helping our retail partners optimize their customer retention and differentiation efforts.

Flexibility in Order Sizes:

Our MOQ’s start at 12 units for most items and all orders ship for free. Joining the toe beans pet supplies retail partner network will allow you more flexibility in order sizes. This will enable you to manage inventory more efficiently, reduce the risk of overstocking and optimize your inventory turnover ratios.

Direct Communication:

Building a direct relationship with toe beans facilitates open communication. As a retail partner you will be able to provide feedback, discuss specific requirements, and address any concerns more effectively.

Timely Product Launches:

We are growing our catalogue slowly but surely. Our retail partners are able to stay ahead of market trends and seasonal demands by working closely with us to launch new products or capitalize on timely promotions.

Educational Support:

At toe beans, we are all about education. Our website offers a myriad of educational resources to help retail partners better understand the benefits of organic dog treats and environmentally friendly dog and cat products thus empowering them to educate their customers effectively.

Marketing Collaboration:

We love collaborating with our retail partners on marketing efforts. We are aware that our partners’ success is our success, no doubt about it. We work with our partners to ensure our products enjoy store visibility by providing POP displays and display ready fixtures.

We also love supporting our retail partners via geo-targeted social media marketing efforts. We currently have more than 50K US followers on Facebook.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is our philosophy of life. Our retail partners can have greater confidence in the quality and authenticity of our products. We manufacture in the US and our manufacturing processes, products and raw materials hold several quality certifications including USDA organic, USDA Biobased, GOTS, FSC, Better Business Bureau and others. Visit our about us page for more.

Ease of Ordering:

Our online retail partner platform offers a streamlined ordering process, direct access to inventory, and efficient customer service thus ensuring smooth overall experience.

Shorter Lead Times:

On average and during the regular off-peak season, our orders arrive in about 3-5 business days for existing partner members and 7-10 business days for new members.

But why are shorter lead times important?

Shorter lead times ensure lower average on-hand inventory, which helps our retail partners optimize their inventory turnover and cash to cash cycle.

All this leads to a better utilization of our retail partners’ capital via a shorter financial supply chain. Long lead times and high MOQ’s are a contributing factor to the erosion of a store’s profitability.

Sustainability Focus:

The modern pet parent has higher expectations from brands. Today’s conscious pet parents are increasingly concerned about their fur children paw-prints.

Toe beans manufacturing processes are aligned with sustainability best practices, thus offering products manufactured with sustainably principles in mind. Toe beans products are appealing to consumers who prioritize eco-friendly options.

Differentiate Yourself:

Do you wish you sold unique products that your competitor across the street does not sell? Differentiation in the pet supplies industry is key for success.

The toe beans retail partner network is intended to help pet supplies retailers differentiate themselves by selling made in America, high-end unique value proposition dog and cat supplies for the discerning and well-informed pet parent.

We ensure that your closest competitor carrying our products is located within a healthy geographical distance. This will ensure that your store carries unique high-value items nobody else carries in your neighborhood. Our distribution strategy focuses on selective rather than intensive distribution.

Differentiate yourself, improve your bottom line and make a difference. Apply today!

The toe beans team

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