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How to uncover and Maintain your Furry Children’s Natural Beauty by Toe Beans®


Do you remember the last time you cleaned your dog's ears?  How about your Cat's teeth?  How would you rate the job?  Written at an 8th-grade reading level, this 86-page must-have dog and cat grooming guide is as educational and comprehensive as it is reader-friendly.

Written with the new pet parent in mind, this handy easy-to-read dog and cat book contains more than 20 years of pet parenting experience and countless hours of research on dog and cat grooming. 

Why Dog & Cat Grooming 101?

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We believe that educated pet parents make better decisions for their fur children.

Bringing this book to you is an important building block of the toe beans mission to improve the life of every fur child via pet parent education.

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Sassy, entertaining, and speckled with humor this dog and cat grooming guide makes for a great family read. Tips sections and trivia nuggets provide a framework for engaging family members in the loving care of your fur children.

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This handy guide is intended to be both ridiculously simple as well as comprehensive enough to equip you with everything you need to know about the basics of grooming your dogs and cats.

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The paperback version comes filled with beautiful educational illustrations and pictures in gray scale. The hardcover and eBook version are in full color. All the educational illustrations are one-click social media sharable in the eBook.

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You can get any of the books in our pet parents’ dog and cat book series for free. Both the eBook and the paperback versions of Dog and Cat Grooming 101 are FREE with the purchase of eligible product bundles. Scroll down to the “Get it for Free” section for instructions.

About Dog & Cat Grooming 101

Who Should Read Dog & Cat Grooming 101?

The Dog & Cat Pet Parent Book Series by Toe Beans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Good info for someone that hasn't had pets or for a kid that is learning how to care for one. Also few good pointers that even an experienced owner might not know.


I really liked the tips throughout the book. I've already done the exercising my dog before grooming and it's made him way less nuts when I have to bathe him.

Dawn D

Easy read with some interesting info that even experienced people wouldn't even know. I mean who knew fresh aloe vera was bad to put on your cat or dog?

Coney Y
Great for pet rescue volunteers

This is a great book for any pet parent. I just started volunteering at a pet rescue organization. I bought this book so I could learn how to groom dogs and cats. I have gotten to impress my fellow volunteers with my new knowledge 😉. Overall, a very informative reference guide for all! Very well written, great photos, great tips, great value for the money.

Steven A

My wife and I purchased this guide for our kids (11 and 14). I think this book is written in a way that it’s easy to understand for all ages. We read it together as a family and have learned so much. We are really happy to have bought this book as now we can share the responsibility of grooming our pup and 2 kitties.

Teresa G

I got this for my daughter for her birthday. She's 11 and wants to be a vet, so anything she can her hands on about cats or dogs, she loves.