Dog Nail Care: How To Buy The Best Dog Nail Clippers

by K Marie Alto July 11, 2021 9 min read

The Clawper Pro dog nail clippers by toe beans

If you are looking for the best dog nail clippers you have landed in the right place.

For starters, I need to ask you two very important questions, first who said dogs have nails? And second, do you ever wonder why people believe they need dog "nail clippers" to clip their dog’s claws?

The truth is, dogs don't have nails, but claws. They are two different things 🤓. That's why we created The Clawper PRO®. Get it? claw...per.

Save $1 PLUS free shipping when you bundle The Clawper Pro with Momma Knows Best Organic 3-in-1 Styptic Powder. Use coupon code: Clawperbundle. This coupon is only valid for the clawper-styptic bundle.

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Looking for more dog care guides? No problem, you can either scroll down all the way to the further reading section or visit my blog. Spoiler alert, it is packed with resources 😁.

But why do we call it Pro?

The Clawper Medium Dog Nail Clippers Toe Beans

At this point you may be thinking ok, I get “The Clawper” part but what about the “Pro” part?

Contrary to what many pet parents would think, the pro part has nothing to do with us being “pros” or anything like that; that would be too pretentious 😊 

While this is also a professional tool, the pro designation is more about the tool’s mission.

We created The Clawper Pro to make a statement. The Clawper Pro’s mission is to help, educate, and preserve. Here is what the Clawper Pro is all about:

    • Pro sustainability and environmental stewardship: Plastic waste takes 1,000 years to decompose. Unlike second best dog nail clippers, the Clawper Pro’s plastic-free packaging helps you reduce your furry children’s environmental paw print. Here are 9 reasons why single use plastic product packaging is harmful. We ship your Clawper Pro using only eco friendly shipping materials. Even our product tags are made of tree-free paper! 😊
    • Pro more value: Included with your purchase are two bonus items (a 100% cotton drawstring protective bag and eBook) plus free shipping. No minimum orders required.
      Dog Paw caring kit by toe beans
        • Pro dog’s well-being: Treat your pup to a silent and stress-free pawdicure experience.
        • Pro pet parents’ education: We believe well informed and educated pet parents make better decisions for their fur babies.  Included at no extra cost is our 5-star rated Kindle must-read pet parent fun guide Dog Grooming 101 (or Cat Grooming 101 – you choose) by K. Marie & Furry Toe Beans (in PDF format). This is an additional $9.49+ value with your purchase.
          The Clawper Dog Nail Clippers Toe Beans
        • Pro high-quality standards: learn about our approach to quality below.
        • Pro having fun: Take the Clawper Challenge for a chance to win $200!


          Wanna learn what other pet parents are saying about the Clawper Pro?  Read our reviews or just google "The Clawper Pro by toe beans."  You'll thank yourself later 😀

          How to Use Your Dog Nail Clippers Safely


          The Clawper Large Dog Nail Clippers Toe Beans

          Let's be honest, not all dogs are keen on getting their claws clipped.  With a little training and a lot of patience, you can clip nails like a professional! 

          Get started with our quick tips for Dos and Don't of Dog Nail Clipping, then check out our in-depth guide How to Train Your Dog to Let you Clip their Nails for more details.

          Regardless of the tool you decide to use, make sure to never start a pawdicure session without a natural styptic powder readily available.

          Chemical-based styptic powders are filled with toxins and harsh chemicals that may harm your fur baby.

          Dog with Paw up and Organic Dog Paw Balms Hydrate by Momma Knows Best_blue

          Save $1 PLUS free shipping when you bundle your Clawper Pro with Momma Knows Best Organic 3-in-1 Styptic Powder. Use coupon code: Clawperbundle.This coupon is only valid for the bundle.

          Buy with Confidence Knowing that Your Clawper’s Quality is Guaranteed by Our 3-Point Quality Inspection Process

          The Clawper Dog Nail Clippers Advantage Toe Beans

          One of the biggest challenges facing 95% of third-party sellers that sell second-best dog nail clippers is quality control. Fortunately, we are part of the remaining 5% 😊

          What happens is that because they lack a physical presence in the USA, they have no option but to outsource their order fulfillment process to AMZ.

          Because they lack a physical US location, the only way they can sell to the US consumers is via a completely hands-off operation, they have no other choice. The implications of this are far reaching.

          How to Easily Spot Non-US Third Party Sellers

          Did you know you can easily spot third-party sellers that outsource their fulfillment? Right under the “buy” button you will see two pieces of information, "ships from..." and "sold by..."

          As a rule of thumb, when an item ships from AMZ but it is sold by another company, this is an indicator (in most cases) that you are buying from a third-party seller with no real physical presence in the USA.

          That is, no real phone number, no real office, no real people based in the USA, etc. It is basically a cyber seller that lives in the cyber space.

          Dry dog shampoo dog in towel by toe beans

          Alternatively, third party sellers that have their own fulfillment capabilities would normally show up as the same company for both fields ships from and sold by. There you have it.

          By the way, did you know that outsourcing fulfillment to AMZ is the only way products get to be labeled as “prime” or “AMZ’s choice” or “best seller”?

          it seems counter intuitive to think that third-party sellers with in-house fulfillment capabilities and state of the art quality control systems are excluded from getting these labels unless they outsource fulfillment to them.

          Speed or Quality? What do you Prefer? Well, We Prefer Both

          The Clawper Dog Nail Clippers Features Toe Beans

          You would think that domestic US third-party sellers with in-house fulfillment capabilities would be in a better position to offer better quality to customers, and thus have access to these labels, right? Well, not really.

          The truth is, while a slightly faster delivery (prime) of a product sold by a remote seller will get your product sooner, it undermines the importance of quality and evidently utterly ignores the fact that all consumers implicitly expect both speed and quality.

          In many instances they only get speed. Quality then becomes aggravation and hassle after the fact. Check out our “it all starts with trust article” for more on these product labels.

          Wonder why is it that despite buying a product with thousands of “great" and “exceptionally long” reviews you sometimes still get a defective item and then must deal with the aggravation and hassle of having to process a return?

          Well, we have already demystified the reviews manipulation part in the “It’s all about trust” tab. The other part to this conundrum is because they lack the ability to control quality.

          This is How Outsourced Fulfillment Affects Quality

          Let me explain, they will normally place orders to their suppliers from a remote location somewhere in the world where they are based.

          Because they do not have a physical location in the USA, they must ship directly from the manufacturer (usually located overseas) to an AMZ warehouse in the USA. It is from there where after 0 quality checks or inspections that your product gets shipped to you.

          Online Pet Supplies Store by Toe Beans

          This way of operating frees these sellers from having to handle your product while allowing them to be located anywhere around the globe.

          And so, you may wonder, how can these sellers assure that your satisfaction is guaranteed when they have no idea about the actual quality of the product being shipped?

          The astonishing part is that at the time of fulfillment, nobody has a clue of whether or not, the dog nail clipper inside the sealed plastic packaging complies with basic quality standards or not.

          Only you will know after you receive the product and try it. It's like playing card games. There is a big element of randomness playing here. You may be lucky to get a defect-free dog nail clipping tool or not. In the end, you can always return it, right? Well, we beg to differ from this mentality.

          In our case, we see defective item returns as a failure to our customer's promise. In fact we strongly believe that labeling a product as "free shipping and free returns" lays bare the implicit assumption that those items have an inherent low expectation on quality.

          Further, in our opinion, the pervasive occurrence of returns in those items makes labeling these products as free returns a necessary condition, without which most customers would be less likely to purchase them.

          Additionally, because their dog nail clippers are wrapped in single-use plastic packaging, AMZ (the party responsible for their fulfillment) is unable to do any pre-shipping quality checks other than a visual inspection of the outside of the packaging.

          Our 3-point Inspection and Quality Assurance Process Saves Our Customers the Aggravation and Hassle of Dealing with Processing Returns due to Defects and/or Poor Quality.

          The Clawper Dog Nail Clippers ergonomic Toe Beans

          Unlike 95% of third-party sellers, we have a very stringent and tested quality control system that guarantees that our customers will get a product that has passed through 3 different quality checkpoints.

          Experience has taught us that defect rates out of the factory can be sometimes as high as 20%. That is, for every 10 units shipped by these cyber sellers, about 2 will reach their customers with defects.

          To substantially reduce the incidence of defective units landing in our customers hands, we have made the strategic decisions to both fully control our supply chains and not to outsource fulfillment.

          Instead, we run our own fulfillment operation in house and out of our McLean office in Northern Virginia.

          First Quality Inspection

          First, our quality control and assurance processes begin at the manufacturer’s facility.

          We hire an independent third-party quality assurance specialist firm to run a quality inspection on all dog nail clippers before they are shipped to the US.

          Any defective units are discarded and only units that fully comply with our quality standards get shipped to us.

          Dog books by toe beans_Grooming

          Second Quality Inspection

          Second, once the units arrive in our McLean, VA office, they are inspected a second time by our inventory management team before they are logged into our inventory system.

          During this second inspection normally 5% of an entire shipment gets discarded due to defects.

          Third Quality Inspection

          Right before any order is fulfilled, our fulfillment specialist inspects and tests EVERY dog nail clipper before they get tagged (using only environmentally friendly tags), packed (into those storage-convenient cotton bags) and shipped to you.

          As you may have noticed, we do not use polluting single-use plastic packaging. In addition to the positive environmental impact of our plastic-free packaging, not using plastic packaging allows us to easily perform quality inspections at several points before and during order fulfillment.

          For Us Quality is Everything.

          We must admit we know we are far from perfect at this point. Our goal is to achieve six sigma quality levels on all orders, and we are working full steam to achieve this goal.

          Our commitment to quality and continued efforts have resulted in a considerable reduction of our fulfillment process defect rate.

          We are aware that the only way we can guarantee the quality of our products to our customers is by having control over it. Nothing less than that will work. This is something remote third-party non-US sellers cannot offer.

          CBD oil for dogs' holistic wellness by Momma Knows Best

          Our data shows that for every 1,000 units we ship, only 3 defective ones reach our customers hands. Contrast that with 2 out of 10 from items shipped straight from the manufacturer to an AMZ warehouse.

          By controlling every aspect of our fulfillment processes in-house we make sure our customers are guaranteed that only items with the highest quality reach their hands. This is a key component of our corporate mission.

          The Clawper PRO® dog nail clippers is a US registered brand owned by Toe Beans. We stand by the uncompromising quality of all our products by offering a 100% money back guarantee.

          Whether you buy directly from our website, or from AMZ or, Chewy, you can rest assured that you will always get the same level of consistency in high quality standards and customer service.

          Of course one key advantage of buying directly from us (the source) is that unlike Chewy and AMZ, we do not have a minimum purchase order requirement for free shipping.

          Just like every item in our catalogue, The Clawper PRO dog nail clippers come with free shipping. No subscriptions required, no checkout up-selling, just pure sweet 2-3 day free shipping :-)  

          For us quality is everything, we could not do it any other way.

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          One more thing, if you are feeling like getting a little special something for your fur baby that is unique, made right here in the USA, 100% pup and cat safe, USDA certified organic and brought to you by a US company, check out Toe Beans online pet supplies store

          K Marie Alto
          K Marie Alto

          K. Marie is an animal lover, wife, kitty mom, dog auntie, writer, and co-founder of Toe Beans, a proud American family-owned online boutique pet supplies store focused on the improvement of the life of furry family members via pet parent education, better products, and advocacy. She has over 20 years of experience as a pet momma. She loves sharing her personal journey and experience as a pet parent via her blog and Facebook page where she currently has more than 40K followers (@furrytoebeans) and counting :-).

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