Dog Adoptions: 5 Grooming Considerations Before Adopting a New Pup

by K Marie Alto Published June 21, 2020 Updated 3 min read

Dog Adoptions: 5 Grooming Considerations Before Adopting a New Pup

Are you considering rescuing a pup to join your family?

Are you a first-time pet parent and need a little help in learning what you’re getting into? If so, keep on reading.

Whether it’s a puppy or an adult doggo, you can expect more work than just feeding and exercising.

Unlike cats, doggies require a little bit more work in the grooming department. Regular nail trims, teeth brushing, and coat grooming at a minimum.

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Furthermore, certain breeds of dogs with certain features will require more regular maintenance.

In terms of grooming alone, keep in mind the following when searching for your new best friend:

  • Live in a super-hot climate year-round? Try to avoid doggies with a particularly thick coat, like a Malamute, Husky, or Mastiff. These pups can get overheated especially when outside exercising, these guys also need to be brushed well to remove loose hair from their undercoat.
  • Longer hair dogs may require regular visits to a groomer for haircuts, a sometimes-overlooked regular cost that adds up over time. They may also require more frequent bathing to keep them from smelling, well like a wet dog.
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  • Brachycephalic (smooshed face) pups tend to have more trouble breathing because of their facial structure. These pups aren’t great for a super active family that likes to go for long hikes. These pups are also prone to runny eyes that need to be cleaned regularly to avoid staining their fur.
  • Wrinkly dogs, while adorable also have some special needs. Those adorable folds are breeding grounds for bacteria, so the body and face need to be cleaned regularly to prevent infection.
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  • Dental Hygiene, just like you, dogs need their teeth brushed. Dental health is important for overall health, so remember to brush your doggy’s teeth several times a week.

What other general pointers would you give to someone looking to adopt a pup? Have you adopted a pup recently? Tell us what you’ve learned.

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K Marie Alto
K Marie Alto

K. Marie is an animal lover, wife, kitty mom, dog auntie, writer (, and co-founder of Toe Beans, a proud American family-owned online boutique pet supplies store focused on the improvement of the life of furry family members via pet parent education, better products, and advocacy. She has over 20 years of experience as a pet momma. She loves sharing her personal journey and experience as a pet parent via her blog and Facebook page where she currently has more than 45K followers (@furrytoebeans) and counting :-).

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